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This is me, Lily Wilson. This is NOT my favorite art piece because it is a self-portrait, but artists need humility too. I am a senior at Hutchison School in Memphis, TN, and love art and design and hope to pursue those passions in college and beyond.


Creativity fuels my life. I love to use my creativity to paint, design, sketch, sculpt, bake new recipes, cook, and much more. I love approaching life’s obstacles artistically and creatively.

Enjoy my website filled with sample pieces, sketchbook pages, my resume, and a final project for The Certificate of Arts.


These pieces are from my AP Drawing Concentration.

My idea for this series was to contrast realistic portrait drawings with chaotic collaged backgrounds that celebrated each individual’s personality. I drew each girl from photographs I took myself, then I cut them out, and glued them to another paper. I used collaged material, stickers, stamps, charcoal, stitching, spray paint, acrylic paint, ink to create interesting and varied textures in the background. I chose to draw the figures in black and white so that there would be a distinct difference between the well defined figure and the color and chaos of the background.

In each of the drawings I attempted to use very realistic drawing techniques through value and line to create the portraits. In some of the pieces, I overlapped collage materials onto the faces so that they would seem to blend into the collage. I also chose specific color pallets for each piece such in the bottom right image, there are images, paint, and stamps that are specifically pink.


IMG-8461 (2).jpg

This is a sample piece from my Advanced Honors Drawing class. I captured the image from the school courtyard. I then painted using watercolor. The color palette of the piece inspired me for my later AP drawing concentration. Doing this piece, taught me that I enjoy using watercolor because of the abstract qualities of the medium.

This is another sample piece from my Advanced Honors class. I started by photographing an image of glass jars, cups, and vases. I then sketching the photo, using white charcoal on black paper. I love the contrast between the bright white colors and the dark black background.

This is a piece from my Advanced Honors class, where I experimented with linoleum block printmaking. I started by creating a simple sketch of what I wanted to carve, on white paper. Once I had a final sketch, I did a reverse transfer onto the block, and then I carved my image. Lastly I inked the block to make a series of prints. This was a great learning experience and taught me how to experiment with positive and negative space.


This year I am taking AP 3-D Art and Design. Throughout the beginning of the year, we have been experimenting with different mediums to discover what materials we want to use for our concentration. Some of these materials we have worked with include wire, paper mache, clay, fabric, and found materials. Here are a few samples of what I have been experimenting with.

Cardboard and Paper Mache (Oct 14, 2022 at 3_08 PM) (3).png
Cardboard and Paper Mache (Oct 14, 2022 at 3_08 PM) (1).png




Cardboard and Paper Mache (Oct 14, 2022 at 3_08 PM) (2).png
IMG_3974 (1).jpg


IMG_3977 (1).jpg
IMG_3978 (1)_edited.jpg


During experimentation, I have learned that I most enjoy working with wire, fabric, and found materials. For my concentration, I plan to create very structural dresses, while incorporating both realistic and unrealistic aspects. I will start by creating a dress structure out of wire and then use fabric and found materials to create the structure I want. The dress will be a very structural piece, but something that is definitely wearable. I then will use wire to create mini appliances that will somehow be incorporated into the dress, which is the unrealistic aspect of the piece. Here are a few sketch ideas. I will experiment with these materials, but the concentration idea is definitely subject to change.


This is a piece I was commissioned to create. She wanted a watercolor lion with a large mane, fun glasses, and a “pop art vibe”. I started by water coloring the base of the lion, then I used acrylic paint to do the glasses. Lastly, I used a Q-tip to put glitter around the glasses.

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